The first 3 songs of the album set up a good foundation for the ones that follow. Let us dig deeper into the mind of Nasty C and see what we can uncover.

5. Don’t do it (ft. Tellaman)

This is one of the most relatable songs on the album. It details the pressures a young black adult is faced with on a daily basis. It is a motivational song that encourages the listener not to fall into the trap of peer-pressure. People will offer you all types of things, especially, in the big cities. You will be offered drugs, alcohol, girls, and so forth. This can become overwhelming for someone who is accustomed to the slow paced life of a small town. We have seen people get swallowed by the “JOBURG LIFE”. People forget why they left their hometowns for the big city. They get accustomed to the fast life of the city and forget to work on their goals. The Jiggy Jigga is pleading with the listener not to do anything that might stop them from reaching their goals. Please don’t do it kids. If someone offers you alcohol, don’t do it. If someone offers you drugs, don’t do it.

6. Squad goals

I remember  going to a club in Hatfield, Pretoria with a friend. We barely had money so we decided to go to the club a bit earlier than usual to avoid having to pay an entrance fee. There was a football match playing that night. We thought to ourself that we could kill two birds with one stone as Nasty C was scheduled to perform that night. He arrived around 1am in morning. We waited from 7pm until 1am just to watch him put on a show. The wait was worth it because he premiered new music. I remember this song well because of the catchy hook. At the time, he had only released two or three singles for that year. I remember this girl asking me to lift her up because she was too short to see the stage. I could not pass up that kind of opportunity with the way Pretoria girls’ behinds are set up  – I blame fish and chips.  But that is a topic for another day. This song is a win for me because it carries those memories.

7. Overload (ft Tellaman)

I did not like this song at first but it’s one of those that grew on me. Tellamundo is the star of this song. He lays smooth vocals and angelic harmonies that can make a baby jealous. Nasty C took time to address his relationship with his high school sweetheart, Sam. In fact, most of the young maestro’s love songs are inspired by this young lady.

8. Problems (ft Erick Rush)

This song has a very somber beat to make the listener really appreciate the story being conveyed. Erick Rush poured his heart out. He talks about his high school teachers thinking he was dumb when he was in high school – who’s dumb now. He also talks about the difficulty of making a name for himself in the music industry. There are fields and fields of artists flocking about that people often overlook talent. He says things like “trying to record a winner so bad I’m about to lose it”. If that is not true then I don’t know what is. I have known about Erick for a little over 2 years but he is still struggling to get commercial success. Nasty C talks about rich people problems.  He constantly has girls throwing themselves at him because “a busted condom is a jaaaaaaaaackpot”.  I want to have Nasty C’s problems too.

9. Pressure

This is probably my favourite song on the album. The beat is gloomy. It leaves me feeling melancholy. “They told me it’s a jungle in the J but fuck it we still drove out here for 6 hours.”

We all know stories of how Jo’burg swallows people. How people end up doing drugs or getting involved in crime or girls selling their bodies. I have heard them all. So has Nasty C. but don’t let that stop you from coming to the J to chase your dreams. Nasty C tells us how he deals with the pressure of being a star:

I smoke a lot more

And people around me say it’s a bad habit

I wish I could tell you how I let that happen

but what did you expect I’m a black man

10. A Star is born (ft Omari & Riky Rick)

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) is still trying to figure out who ‘ghost’ is so that they can apprehend him. Meanwhile, Nasty C has recruited the very same ghost on this song. The title is fitting because only stars can pull that off. This song is the reason why this album was put out for free initially. Nasty C was struggling to get copyright clearance for a sample used here. Instead of recalling the song off the album, he opted to release the album for free. It meant that much to him. He talks about his relationship with his father. He wanted his pops to hear this song when he listened to the album. Bozz Zonke added a very touching verse. He says his dad dying “with the roaches” is what pushed him to become successful because he did not want to go out like that. He also talks about his current relationship with his girlfriend whom he says was there for him at his lowest. Give her your last name already Riky!


Stay tuned for the last instalment! Peace and positivity.


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