Bad Hair Review (Part 1)


What’s going on people, its your boy Andris aka Young Mafotha aka I know your girl just not in public aka Makhwela’s sensei and I’m about to hit you with a bad hair Review. I mean a review of bad hair. I know the album has been out for almost a year (Ya you’re probably saying “TBT” in your head)  but good music is timeless. So without any further ado, lets dive right into it.

1. Inspiration (Cassper Nyovest)

The first joint is a clip taken from a Cassper Nyovest interview on Slikouronlife. Cassper talks about how he was inspired by the Jiggy jigga (Nasty C). He says he was focused on putting out hits and not rapping. This reminds me of Balotelli being asked in an interview why he doesn’t celebrate when he scores. His response was that scoring goals was part of his job and doesn’t feel the need to celebrate just as much as the postman doesn’t celebrate delivering mail. The funny thing is that Balotelli failed to score for quite a number of games after saying this. Italy didn’t make it past group stages of the 2014 World cup and Balotelli as a leading striker for Italy exited the competition with no goals. Cassper also failed to release any hits after saying this for a good year or so.


Here the Jiggy Jigga opens up the album by addressing the naysayers. Siyabonga Nkwekazi (Scoop) was twitter fingers about the roll out of the album. He was upset because it was put out for free. When I first read his tweets I immediately thought of this song. In Nasty C’s words “NIGGA FUCK YOOOUU”

3.Check (Ft Erick Rush)

Nasty C and Erick Rush kindly tell us to “break our fuckin’ necks when we see the checks”. Lets hope SARS ain’t watching (speaking of watches, does Nasty C really have half a bar on his wrist?). Anyway Jiggy Jigga shibobo’d Eric Rush on this joint. Even though Erick talks about lifting mad weights but Nasty did most of the heavy lifting. The Jiggy jigga brags about potentially working with the real Jigga. Obviously this refers to the call he received from Rocnation, a company founded and owned by none other than Jay Z . There’s no way Erick was gonna come back from that. Nasty c carried the song but ultimately the song is a win like Ronaldo carrying Portugal to the Euro 2016 final.

4.I lie (Tshego)

Not many people can body Young czzle(Nasty c) especially on his own shit. But Tshego did just that. Tshego is a vocalist so you don’t expect the bars but he comes heavy with them. Nasty c almost won a freekick and Tshego put on his David Beckham boots and bent the ball over the wall and smashed it into the net beautifully.  He raps things like “Make that ass bounce like a cheque though, you owe me come cancel your debt”. I mean the wordplay is sick.

The first 3 songs of the album are lit. Find out how the rest of the album compares with the first 3 in part 2 of this segment. In my opinion of course. Peace and Positivity to all. keep your head up. count your blessings. and stay true to yourself. Until next time!


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